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Young trader Yang Wenjun abandoned the stock speculation foreign exchange short for long

Shenzhen a private young trader ForexEasyRebate Wenjun because forexrebateprovider th Forex Easy Rebate year from the stock cashback forex to the foreign exchange market forexrebateclub avoided the A-share decline, and from the foreign exchange market, he gained 400% this year did not do A-share chat, Yang Wenjun handed the reporter a stack of arranged trading tips, which have several beautifully drawn trend chart young Yang Wenjun eyes Clear, but the vision of the Hunan people have a unique persistence in the middle of this year to see Yang Wenjun, he has put all his energy on foreign exchange trading feel in the domestic economy is very depressed, monetary tightening, large-cap stocks, although the valuation is low, the market lacks pulling funds; and worth investing in some listed companies valuation and too high, can not find a reason to buy stocks, so full time to do foreign exchange Yang Wenjun told reporters at the time Three years ago, he also In his hometown in Hunan monopoly state-owned enterprises living a stable and comfortable life, due to the heart with the desire to explore the unknown and the desire for freedom, Yang Wenjun came to Shenzhen in 2008 when he first arrived in Shenzhen, Yang Wenjun also took a detour with the attitude of learning from cattle, Yang Wenjun entered a foreign exchange investment company work later found that the work they do is actually through their own account trading or find relatives and friends to open an account The job lasted only two months, but for the first time Yang Wenjun was exposed to foreign exchange trading. Like many post-80s, he had heard many legends of wealth creation in the stock market, so after graduating from university in 2007, he worked in the telecommunications sector in his hometown, while participating in the stock market fight He clearly remembered that the SSE index was more than 4800 points, this point It was terrible to enter the market!  At the beginning, he bought the Construction Bank and ICBC, the beginning of the set when the market fell to 3,000 points, then think that stocks should not do so, stop loss out Yang Wenjun said that perhaps the beginning of the encounter was not good, which raised his vigilance on the stock market, from the beginning he had a vague idea: when the general trend is bad, what stocks can not buy After coming out of the stock market, Yang Wenjun began He told the reporter Yang Wenjun also added some stock groups, giving him the biggest impression is that regardless of the bull and bear market, the group also has a lot of people operating constantly, tossing and turning. Yang Wenjun wrote in a recent trading tips: to put it bluntly, stockholders are also businessmen, are traders with the purpose of profit. The fear and greed of human nature predetermines the bull and bear cycle of the stock market Why do you want to struggle in a bear market to boast small probability of gain? Why not free up funds to go with the trend to earn other probable profits Last October, Yang Wenjun bought a coal stock, made a profit, came out after the National Day, looking at crude oil in 70 ~ 80 U.S. dollars after nearly a year of repeated oscillation, feel that finally to break through, at this time the Federal Reserve also threw the second round of quantitative easing policy, the general trend has come, so last year after the holiday, Yang Wenjun that chase up to buy The coal stocks, less than a month let him profit nearly double trading short for long Technical indicators are a bit like a flat boat in the sea, can help you reach the other side, but if you think this boat is omnipotent, it is very easy to capsize At the beginning, what indicators I study, read a lot of books, according to the chart in the book, I went to the A-share K-line chart to find, a find can correspond on the quite happy, feel very But slowly I found that the indicators almost invariably have a lagging problem. From then on, I started to think about some logic, why the market would fluctuate like that, why the market would move like that after such an event, and why there would be an institutional exodus. Yang Wenjun said that the foreign exchange, obsessed with the time like day trading, with leverage, very exciting I began to do day trading Yang Wenjun told reporters Yang Wenjun compared day trading to pokies pokies in fact is neither more than technical nor more than luck, it is in the betting who has more money any of us, relative to the market, the amount of money is very small, the market is infinite money to do heavy positions day trading, just like in the market pike, gambling is too big, with eggs touching the stone, and eventually will die He also had the experience of bursting when he was doing foreign exchange day trading, he had a $ 5,000 account, the beginning has been very smooth, to do 10,000 U.S. dollars, and then ambition began to expand, after the retraction of funds not only do not concede but also counter-trend to increase positions, and eventually burst the position After the burst was more determined to do my medium and long term I feel that the medium and long term is more suitable for me, the biggest experience is to be able to sleep now no longer do intraday trading, short term also did not do, futures, foreign exchange have not done, stocks will not be more medium and long term K-line will certainly look at, according to behavioral finance, the financial market hypothesis, regardless of whether it is true or false, if everyone in the market think it is true, it will become true Yang Wenjun told Reporter Yang Wenjun nearly three years since the biggest change is to lighten the position, leverage becomes smaller and longer position time he told reporters: before doing foreign exchange, leverage is about 100 times, 10,000 U.S. dollars under 1 to 3 hands, sometimes losses will be added, 4 to 5 hands will do, the position is particularly heavy now 10,000 U.S. dollars basically 0.5 to 1 hand position light, the mentality has become more relaxed since the beginning of this year. Yang Wenjuns operation not more than 5 times: foreign exchange at least feel that there is 500 points of space I do, futures more than 10%, stocks at least 30% of the future is unpredictable, but can feel this do in, how much certainty, how much risk I now mainly take the EUR/USD short single and USD/JPY long single Yang Wenjun told reporters, USD/JPY I think there will be 1000 points of the market, the yen is my more bearish species last time the Bank of Japan to intervene in that wave of the market, USD/JPY rose to 79.50, according to the previous operating strategy I will certainly first stop out, because I think the intervention will still fall, but this time I did not come out, now I would rather endure a certain retracement than lose positions, lose mentality Now I am not so stubbornly technical Yang Wenjun Explained, for example, in the long trend, assuming that the early is a shock retracement range, if I judge the fundamental and technical trends are up, the results of the shock after the market broke down the range, and the lower broken force is stronger some technical school will follow the trend of short, while I will go long house? Cant buy it Think of todays young people are mostly worried about the house, and back 10 years, this is definitely the most important investment in the Chinese market, the reporter threw the young Yang Wenjun a question: house, do you think you can buy?  Yang Wenjun military fingers moved the body neat shirt, thought about it and said: house is now not a good investment species I think that even if the country lifted the purchase restrictions, now let the rich to buy houses, it will be more difficult to speculate in stocks and houses are chasing the rise and kill the fall, the more up the more dare to buy, the more down the more afraid to buy now is not the general view is down 10% to 20%? In fact, the next 10 to 20 years, if housing prices are not much up, it is the same as a drop in my view is that housing prices are certainly plummeting domestic and foreign concerns about Chinas real estate has become increasingly thick, once the downward trend, it is sure that the long side trampled on each other short selling, before we buy houses, because the house has never fallen in price, after 2008, almost everyone thinks that once housing prices have fallen, the government will come to the rescue But in front of the market, or more respect it, common sense tells us that there is no such thing as up and not down under the sky!

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